Yemen Defense Ministry Attack Kills 52 People

yemenThe Yemeni Defense Ministry came under assault Thursday from heavily armed men and a suicide bomber killing at least fifty two people and wounding about 167 others in a fierce battle that occurred in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen.  Many of the casualties in the Defense Ministry attack were soldiers and scores of civilians which included seven foreigners –two Vietnamese, two Filipinos, two Germans and one Indian.

No one has Yet Claimed Responsibility

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the two tier assault although attacks of this nature are trademarks of al-Qaida.  The daring morning assault on the Yemeni Defense Ministry was the deadliest so far since May, 2012 and emphasized the skill of militants to hurt the government as they attempt to sow instability for the US ally. Mohammed Nasser Ahmed, the defense minister was in Washington for talks at the time of the attack.  Meanwhile, the US State Department has released a statement condemning the assault as “senseless killing and wounding of dozens.”

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