White House Records 375,000 Visits To Health Care Website

The White House announced that the government’s health care website has received 375,000 visitors by noon on Monday. That is a significant increase on the first day of business with regards to the use of the site since the Obama administration acknowledged that the embattled government online insurance service can now accommodate a higher degree of users than ever before.

According to Jay Carney, the White House spokesman, the White House was actually expecting traffic to go up on Monday. He mentions that the rush was anticipated. Carney said that the statistics covered visits to healthcare.gov as of Monday noon.

healthcareDisastrous Initial Launch

The launch of the website on October the 1st proved to be a bit disastrous as the administration spend the next couple of months upgrading the computer network in order to accommodate more users.  Many customers are still experiencing delays in the service on Monday.  Carney says that the customers that could not immediately be accommodated were placed in a queue and told to return later.

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