Show Your Love, Give Her a Diamond

couple wearing diamond ring

couple wearing diamond ringIn season 6 of the hit TV series Friends, Chandler Bing was looking for the perfect engagement ring to propose to Monica. When he finally found the ‘one,’ somebody buys it when he goes to get his credit card from Joey. Not satisfied with another ring, he tries to track down the guy who bought the ‘perfect ring’ and asks to trade it with another one. He then succeeded and was able to get the perfect ring that best expresses his love.

Chandler’s quest in finding an engagement ring only shows that you need the perfect symbol that embodies your true feelings. You need to get the perfect ring you are most satisfied with. A diamond ring is a perfect example to show your love for your bride to be. As the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, giving this only means that you’re serious about your intentions.

The Style

When you’re already familiar with your girlfriend’s taste in jewelry, finding the perfect ring can be a little easier. But if you don’t know what she likes, you may find it difficult to choose the perfect ring. In this case, you can consider a custom-made ring that would please her the most. You can coordinate with a jeweler to help you come up with a great design. Purchasing loose diamonds and setting it to a precious metal is also a great idea.

The Quality

Your lady will appreciate any type of ring, but you want her to feel even more special by getting one that’s of top quality and uniqueness. An exquisite ring with a diamond can make your proposal more romantic. It may also provoke an immediate affirmative answer before you even finish asking the question!

The Metal

Your selection on the metal setting depends on your personal taste. It is important to choose a setting that will enable your main stone to display a primary level of importance. Platinum is a great backdrop for a diamond because of its silky sheen. It lets the brilliance of the stone shine through and is less likely to scratch than gold. It is also one of the most durable fine jewelry metals.

Don’t settle for anything less. Choose a diamond gemstone to show your everlasting love. Do a little research to know more about the types and shapes of diamond stones. Most importantly, find reliable stores or suppliers offering wholesale loose diamonds.


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