Selfie-Help Apps: Enhancing People Into Fake Perfection

jessie_cave_digital_makeoverMany people spruce up their selfie with the help of Perfect365 – a free airbrush app that lets people have perfectly smooth skin, taller nose, and more beautiful eyes.

Selfie Surgery

Perfect365 is the newest selfie-help app today, along with FaceTune, PixTr, ModiFace, and VisageLab. This app lets people transform basic snapshots into a flawless photo. Through Perfect365, users can make their teeth whiter, their eyelashes fuller, and so on.

Unlike the previous generation of airbrush apps, Perfect365 leaves few obvious marks. People would have never guessed that a certain photo had a little help.

Airbrush Apps still a Taboo

Perfect365 has been downloaded 17 million times since its launch. Selfie apps such as this are still a taboo. About 50,000 Instagram photos have been tagged #Perfect365. These are mostly people who played with the app’s makeup filters for a more dramatic effect.

People’s hesitancy to acknowledge these selfie-enhancers hasn’t stopped the success of these types of apps. FaceTune debuted only last March,but it has topped Apple’s rankings as the most popular paid app in 69 countries including USA.

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