Acquittal Of Former Cop Brings Memories Of Katrina Back

acquittalThe memories from hurricane Katrina were quite evident in New Orleans as residents considered the acquittal of David Warren, a former police officer.  A federal jury found the former New Orleans police officer not guilty of manslaughter charges in the shooting that resulted in the death of 31 year old Danny Glover.  The body was discovered burned inside a vehicle, during the aftermath of the deadly hurricane Katrina.

Convicted 3 Years Ago

David Warren was found guilty of the offense three years ago.  However, he was able to get a retrial of the case after an appeals court ruled that he should not have been tried with others that were implicated in an alleged cover-up of the crime that involved burning the victim’s body in order to hide traces of evidence.

Warren’s trembling relatives wept and hugged one another after the verdict in the case was read.  Warren has reunited with his wife and five children after gaining the acquittal from the court.

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