2 Million Xbox Units Sold In 1st 18 Days

games xboxMicrosoft announced that the much anticipated Xbox One, the successor to its highly successful Xbox 360 console, has sold over 2 million units since the launch of the system 18 days ago. When you do the math that works out an average of 111,111 units sold each day.  Company officials say that players have spent over 83 million hours enjoying the casino online new games, TV and numerous apps that the new console offers since its November 22 release.

Demand Exceeding Supply

According to Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate vice-president of strategy and marketing for Xbox mentions that demand is exceeding its current supply of units available.  In the 13 launch markets, most retailers report that stocks are sold out.  Microsoft aims to have the Xbox One become the user’s main entertainment hub.  The console has a program guide that can be used for letting users know what is on TV and what are the latest available titles on such popular apps as Amazon and Netflix.  Users can enjoy listening to music, check out images and can even make Skype video calls to friends and family.

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