Is Homeschooling Right For Your Child?

In many places, the education options are not great. Public schools are notoriously underfunded, overcrowded, and overall unable to impart a quality education to every child. Private schools are expensive, may involve long transit times, and often lead to students competing over attention or material goods rather than focusing on learning. It is not surprising that frustrated parents looking for a better option will consider homeschooling; but is that really a good option for your child?

Ehow mentions in “How to Homeschool Your Child” some primary concerns when considering this option. For instance, homeschooling invariably involves being at home all day – not so much a problem for housewives, but very much an issue for working parents. Are you prepared to give up an income source in order to devote your time to teaching?

In addition, what will your child be studying, and are you able to teach it well? For young children it is easy enough to teach basic reading, writing, and math skills, but older students will be facing increasingly complicated subjects. In order to teach those subjects, you need to not only know the material, but also be a good teacher – a role that not everyone is suited for. Also, the immense amount of work that students go through in a year requires strict organizing and scheduling in order to ensure that your children don’t slack off just because they are at home.

Homeschooling invariably means working with more limited resources. Many schools have libraries and access to art and science facilities they can use for the good of all students; but with homeschooling, you will only be working with what you have access to.

There are advantages and disadvantages to homeschooling, and what weighs the heaviest will depend on what you can provide and what your school district has available. Though it is not a common solution, sometimes homeschooling is the best option for a child.

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