Going Green with Sustainable Roofing Options

modern roofing options

modern roofing optionsIn the near future, you may need a new roof. As a big ticket item, it can be difficult to find long-lasting, energy-efficient, green and affordable roofing materials. Fortunately, there are many options offered by local roofing manufacturers and contractors, including:

White Roofs

Also known as “cool roofs,” white or light-colored roofs can cool the roof’s temperature significantly. These roofs reflect the sun’s rays away from the house, keeping the interior of the home cooler as a result. This can reduce energy bills during summer and deter the “heat island” effect in cities.

White asphalt shingles are similar in price to regular, dark shingles, making them one of the most affordable green roofing options.

Metal Roofs

Durable, long-lasting, light-reflective, and recyclable, metal roofs are an excellent roofing option. To ramp up their green capability, choose metal roofs in lighter colors and made with recycled materials.

Wood Shake or Shingle Roofs

Natural and biodegradable, wood shakes or shingles from sustained forests are an excellent roofing option for classic or traditional roofing.

Clay or Slate Tile Roofs

Natural and durable, clay and slate tiles are traditional roofing materials that most homeowners still prefer today. After all, nothing can complement a Mediterranean or Spanish style house better than the classic curve of clay tiles.

Longer lasting than even metal, clay and slate tiles can last up to 100 years. Available in light colors, clay tiles can also cool roof temperatures.

Clay and slate tiles are also salvageable, making them one of the greenest roofing options.

Recycled-Content Shingle Roofs

Most shingles found in the market now have recycled content, from recycled faux slate shingles to faux cedar shakes. These options provide an excellent low-cost alternative to slate and sustainable wood, while still offering green benefits. These benefits include a 50-year product life span and manufacturer recycling program.

Save resources with sustainable roofing options. For more options, contact local roofing manufacturers and contractors offering green roofing materials.

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