Women Reports Herself For Rape

Rape among teens is generally an issue due to them learning their boundaries and experimenting with drugs or alcohol. Occasionally a rape is reported in which an older adult is involved, perhaps a neighbor, friend, or even school official. But while teens who rape may not know what to say to protect themselves, generally adults know better than to implicate themselves in the crime. Dawn Planty, a New York resident, has yet to learn that lesson though, and the police department was quick to teach her what the consequences can be.

Planty inadvertently admitted to raping a 15-year-old boy when she called 911 and asked for information on the age of consent. The operator put her through to the police department, where Planty repeated her question and explained that she hadĀ givenĀ the teen alcohol and had sex with him twice. Gates-Chili Post reports in “Police: Rape suspect called 911 to see how old a boy had to be to have sex” that Planty was arrested on charges of rape and endangering the welfare of a child.

Although Planty did not have prior convictions for sexual misconduct, her ex-husband is a registered sex offender. The details of his crime were not reported, but may shed some light on why Planty thought it was ok to get a minor drunk and rape him. In the meantime, Planty’s punishment has yet to be determined, though it will likely be proportionate to her crime. And next time, Planty will know better than to speak to officials when she has a question about the criminality of her conduct.

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