Mistakes People Make when Buying Cars

There is no doubt that buying a car is one of the biggest and often the most difficult purchase anybody would make. There are just so many factors to consider when buying a car, such as the type of vehicle, financing, pre-owned versus brand-new, cash versus installment, and price. To help you make a decision, here are the common mistakes to avoid when buying a car from a dealer.

Buying Accessories you do not need

Rustproofing, spoilers, car bras, and even grille inserts are unnecessary items you do not need. Research the accessories you want, buy them from a local auto parts store, and install them yourself to save money. If the dealer keeps on insisting that you buy unwanted accessories, walk away and find another dealer.

Being Impatient

A recent study showed that 95 percent of Americans buy what is available on the lot. What does that mean? Many car buyers are impatient and they fail to do their homework by checking out the dealer’s catalog. If you are looking for a vehicle that your dealer does not have, do not settle for the first thing you see on the lot; move on to the next dealer. Better yet, ask the dealer if they can deliver your preferred make or model. Most dealers are more than happy to ship special requests even if they are several states away.

Forgetting to Test Drive the Vehicle

Unbelievably, there are buyers who do not test drive when they buy a vehicle. The result is usually the same: they complain about poor handling, seats, and suspension. Many people can prevent the hassle of returning the vehicle by simply taking it for a test drive. Car dealers suggest taking the preferred vehicle and the competing models for a spin for at least 30 minutes to have a solid comparison.

Not focusing on the Car’s Total Price

Another mistake people make is they focus too hard on the monthly payments instead of the total price of the vehicle. Sure, it is easier to buy the car if you break down its price to monthly payments, but you are completely missing the big picture here—the total price. Know what you want from the start and pay the vehicle’s total price in the shortest possible time. For example, choose the three-year plan over the five-year plan because you will be saving money in the end.

Buying a Gas-Guzzler

Though fuel prices are relatively low these days, you will never know when they will skyrocket again. If you have enough cash, go for hybrid vehicles running on both electricity and fuel. Though they are pricier than gasoline-powered vehicles, hybrids can offer 50 MPG, letting you save money on fuel for years.

These tips can help you save money and time if you decide to buy a new vehicle from a car dealer. Atlantic Hyundai can help you choose the right vehicle for your needs.

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