South Korea Announces Plans For First Nude Beach

Waterfall_on_Jeju_Island,_KoreaIn a surprising tourism move, South Korean officials are considering to open a nude beach in the north east Gangwon Province in a bid to attract visitors.

Boost tourism

Plans for nude beaches is an effort to boost tourism to the peninsula’s east coast side, which lose out every year to the west coast in luring tourists from the capital Seoul.

Although the east coast has more sandy, beautiful beaches, the water tends to be colder and the distance from Seoul is greater than beaches to the west side.

“This is part of our plans to create beaches with specific purpose,”said an official from the municipality’s Pan-East Sea Division, “like a beach for families, a beach for couples, a beach for pets, and yes, a nude beach.”

Trial operation for foreigners

This is not the first time that plans for nude beaches have been discussed by government officials, though.

In 2005, Gangwon Province tried to introduce a female-only nude beach, but ultimately scrapped it due to public outrage. The same happened to a nude beach proposal in Jeju island in 2009.

Authorities have not yet decided which beach may be the first, but they’re considering a possible foreigner-only trial run.

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