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malaysiaLiving in a foreign land opens up lots of exciting opportunities. You get to meet new friends as you experience different cultures. If you’ve decided to stay for good in another country, however, you may have to look for a job to support your lifestyle.

While most countries are open to foreign workers, there are some things that you have to remember first. In Malaysia, for example, you have to meet certain requirements before you can get a job.

Legal requirements

Foreign workers can secure a job in Malaysia after getting a work permit applied for them by their prospective companies. Malaysian employers, however, can only hire foreigners if they can prove that no locals are available for their open positions. To be eligible for a permit, foreign workers need to meet certain requirements. For one, they have to be 27 years of age or older. They should also be earning a monthly salary of at least RM5000.

Opportunities for expats

The best way to work on Malaysian soil is to be sent as an expatriate by an international company. Look for such companies that do business both in Malaysia and in your own country. Send in your application and C.V. Once you’re called in for an interview, let your prospective company know that you’re willing to be assigned overseas.

Teaching careers

While it’s easier for expats to secure employment in Malaysia, people who try their luck upon arriving in the country still have a chance of landing a good-paying job. The education sector, for example, is open to foreign workers who can teach English as a second language. Either in schools or as private tutor, native English speakers can establish a career in this country as a language instructor.

If you have dreams of working abroad, think about setting your sights on Malaysia. In spite of the relatively limited opportunity, working in the country can be a great experience. Start you job-hunting by searching the Malaysia Jobs Directory. As long as you accomplish all the requirements, you won’t have problems with your job applications.

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