Intel Unveils World’s Smallest 3G Modem

Intel Headquarters
Image by M.O. Stevens | Wikimedia

Image by M.O. Stevens | Wikimedia

American multinational tech corporation Intel has unveiled a new 3G modem which could possibly be the world’s smallest, as it is no bigger than a U.K. penny or a U.S. one-cent coin.

The World’s Smallest Modem

The company says the XMM 6255 is the world’s smallest modem with an area of only about 300 square millimeters. They aim of embedding it in connected devices in residential properties. It was designed to protect against overheating and to withstand extreme conditions. It also features an embedded power supply.

The standalone chip could be used in wearable tech and in security devices such as “smart” smoke alarms.

More Than A Penny’s Worth

Sergis Mushell, a research director at analytics company Gartner, said the product shows that Intel could be gearing up to gain a foothold in the mobile connectivity market.

“It’s not just about the size of it,” BBC quoted Mushell as saying.

“What Intel is really doing is going after a significant stake in the Internet of Things market, where connectivity is most important.

“Getting connectivity right is essential for their entire product portfolio,” Mushell added, referring to the semiconductor chip maker’s traditional business of making processors.

“Anything with a screen will need to have connectivity” and processors will have to be combined with secure, low-power, connectivity technologies, said Mushell.

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