EFM: An Effective Solution for Business Communication Needs

More and more businesses in the UK are choosing Ethernet First Mile or EFM as their preferred communication system. Why? The benefits it offer make it a great choice for entrepreneurs looking for a faster and more reliable web-hosted communication setup. Find out how and why leased EFM lines are gaining popularity in the business world.

EFM vs. Traditional SDSL

Remember ADSL, or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, which uses telephone copper lines for data connections? ADSL connections allow users to enjoy more bandwidth and bit rate than the network provider, resulting in faster download speeds than upload speeds. A symmetric version of ASDL, called SDSL offers a connection that gives the exact same upload and download speeds consistently.

With EFM, you’ll enjoy higher bandwidth compared to a regular SDSL connection. The 35Mbit/s speed allows a copper EFM connection to use multiple phone lines in parallel. This inevitably boosts your communication systems’ capability to process more telephone exchanges at a given time.

Copper or Fibre

An EFM system can work on either copper circuits or fibre optic cables. Copper circuits are easy to install, but are prone to more frequent electrical interference. Solving these issues takes time, increasing the chances of latency issues. As a consequence, many business owners prefer fibre circuits due to their reliability in transmitting signals simultaneously in both directions. Fibre also supports higher connection speeds than copper lines. You can find many communication service providers that offer fibre circuits, which connect at rates of 100Mbit/s, 1Gbit/s or even 40Gbit/s.

Why should your business consider switching?

Switching to EFM means better efficiency and savings. As it doesn’t require traditional digging, you’ll enjoy lower cost of installation and service. With EFM, you can seamlessly receive and send calls, transfer data, and manage all the telephone exchanges in your company. With an excellent connection speed, your business can go farther and reach greater heights.

Effective and efficient communication fuels your business. Get a faster, better, and more reliable Ethernet system for your business today. Contact your nearest service provider to get it installed right away.

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