Chicago School Protest To End After Possible Deal

Chicago educators and spokespersons for Mayor Rahm Emanuel agreed on a temporary contract that would clear away to conclude the strike and return 350,000 students studying in public schools on September 17. Karen Lewis, the President of Chicago Teachers Union, and her members presented the arrangement to the organization’s more than 800-member House of Delegates.

The Chicago Public Schools, spearheaded by Board President David Vitale, posted a message on Twitter that said: “CPS Board of Education President Vitale & CTU have announced tentative agreement. School likely back on Monday. Stay tuned.”

The demonstration was the most public show of struggle to Emanuel as the former chief of staff to President Obama took oath 16 months ago with a promise to restructure the activities of the country’s third-largest city. Reducing costs of labor is one of the focuses of Emanuel’s initiatives. Prior to the strike, the school district faced a shortfall of about $700 million that experts expect to rise to $1 billion next year.

Teachers in Chicago went on protestation for the first time in 25 years after discussing with the Mayor since November over his initiatives to extend the school day and year. In 1987, members of the union protested for four weeks.

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