Big Push for Microsoft: HTC Launches Cheaper One M8 Running Windows System

HTC Phone

HTC PhoneHandset maker HTC has announced its plans to start developing a version of its HTC One M8 phone with Windows operating system.

‘Hungry for Choice’

The company has revealed the newly-designed One M8, which is running Windows Phone 8.1.

“Consumers love the HTC One M8 and today’s introduction extends that enthusiasm to new audiences hungry for choice in their mobile experience,” said Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC Americas. “Microsoft shares our vision, and that’s why we committed to bringing the Windows Phone platform to the HTC One M8.”

The device is now available to purchase for $99 with a two-year contract. HTC said it is 50% cheaper than the Android version of One M8.

Microsoft Version

The new One M8 will be offered exclusively through US network provider Verizon’s online store.

Analysts believe that HTC developed the new model to help Microsoft boost its Windows software.

One industry expert said the modified One M8 was “almost certainly financially supported” by Microsoft.

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