Technology Disruption Shakes Up Education Through Crowd Sourcing

Education stands to be truly shaken up from the invention of crowd sourcing and crowd source products. With so much interconnectedness available through technology it’s possible for people to work just about wherever they are. As a result crowd sourcing has begun to be used for multiple sources and reasons.

Recently there have been crowd sourcing projects which relate to using computer data and computer resources in order to complete projects. What this can need for education is that universities and other educational institutions will be able to use crowd sourcing in order to complete projects or have other people from outside of their institution helped him to complete projects as well.

Crowd sourcing projects that take quite a bit of computer data will help to cut the costs of scientific and educational research down. Crowd sourcing a project were having people who are not members of the faculty submit to completing small tasks from their home computers, will help to reduce the load on the faculty and also help to get projects done faster than ever before.

It’s not always about having a super computer these days with crowd sourcing. We can now learn faster than ever before by turning projects into a crowd sourcing opportunity. Planet Hunters is an example of a crowd sourcing project that has benefited education by finding the existence of new potential habitable worlds. By turning planet hunters into the game the creators have been able to harness the power of regular users in order to have them solve simple problems and sort through planetary data that a supercomputer or other technological resources may have taken months to interpret. As a result planet hunters have been able to find new scientific breakthroughs and specialized planets of interest to science from crowd surfing much faster and much cheaper than using other forms of technology.

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