Getting Your Furniture Manufacturer-Direct

Getting your furniture manufacturer-direct means getting them straight from the source. If you’re only learning about this option for the first time, then you’re seriously missing out on great deals and incredible savings. Direct Buy in Sacramento is increasingly becoming popular for the many conveniences it offers to consumers.

When you get your furniture through dealers and distributors, the prices are significantly higher. These businesses have already placed their mark up, increasing the price up to double of its original cost. This is why shopping manufacturer direct is more convenient, especially when you’re looking for furniture. Apart from the price, there are also many benefits you won’t be able to enjoy otherwise.

Many Options

Manufacturers can give you access to its wide range of furniture options. Malls and other furniture dealer outlets would often have limited selections, forcing you to settle for something you may not really like. When you shop manufacturer-direct, you have the privilege of exploring your options.

Specialized Services

Have you ever experienced not getting the answers you need about the specifics of a furniture piece? This actually happens all the time in malls and furniture dealer. Sales clerks don’t have extensive knowledge of the products they sell. When you shop manufacturer-direct, you can go to any specifics you want. You won’t know the thread counts, hardness levels, and water resistance. They can even give you tips on taking care of your furniture.


While you have to settle for the pieces provided by furniture dealer, you can actually have your choices customized when getting them manufacturer-direct. Manufactures can change the polish of your bedroom headboard, change the fabric of your upholstery, and add the number of chairs to your dining set. Some furniture dealers can coordinate customization services, but this would most likely cost you extra. With manufacturers, you can have any modification you want for a fair price.

Shopping for furniture manufacturer-direct definitely offers you more benefits than getting them through dealers and distributors. Stores like Sacramento Direct Buy offer great value for your money and sometimes even throw in a few privileges.

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