Designing the Garden of Your Dreams

A garden is a great home feature. Other than improving the value of your property in Albuquerque, it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor areas, making it more inviting, relaxing, and accommodating. As it makes the air in your surroundings cleaner, it also promotes good health and overall well being.

Starting and maintaining a garden, however, isn’t easy, as there are many things you need to think about and consider. For one, you should make sure the space is easy to move through and maintain. Its paths and structure must also be simple to navigate. Most importantly, it must display different types of plants that serve various functions. With different gardening tools from stores like the DirectBuy of Albuquerque and a little knowledge in proper landscape designing, you can achieve the garden of your dreams. Here are some tips on gardening.


While flowers add beauty to gardens, you should also consider having other kinds of plants in your garden. Look past flowers and use other foliage with multiple ornamental assets. Include fruit-bearing plants, shrubs, vascular plants, and herbs.


Make sure the pathways are wide enough for easy passage. The main paths should not be less than five feet and must have enough room for two people to walk side by side. For secondary paths where people walk in single file, the width should be at least three feet. The taller the plants or structures that line your walkway, the wider the path you should have, as tall boundaries can make any space feel more restricted. You can also put outdoor furniture from Direct Buy of Albuquerque on the extra spaces.


Outdoor steps and stairways should not be too high to step on. Steps with a rise of six inches or less are the most comfortable.  If the stairways in your garden require ten steps or more, construct landings after fourth or fifth step to ease progress. Landings are important, especially if your stairway changes direction.


Place plants that are 30 to 36 inches tall at least two to three feet back from walkway and patio edges. Otherwise, they may look unduly cramped and crowded. Try to keep thorny plants like roses and pungent plants like crown imperials away from high-traffic areas.


Make sure that your paving provides secure footing. Loosely set pavers that wobble may cause accidents. Do not use polished granite or smooth outdoor tile on your walkways, as they may not offer enough traction in rainy and wintery climates. Unsifted gravel is perfect to use as paving, as they contain variously-sized aggregates, which compact firmly and provide a solid footing.

Albuquerque DirectBuy offers different gardening tools and equipment that can help you in designing the garden of your dreams.

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