British Researchers In Path Breaking Experiment Involving Stem Cell Therapy To Combat Blindness

A London based medical team researching at Moorfields eye hospital and University College has claimed a highly significant development in utilizing stem cells for regeneration of photoreceptor cells in the retina, setting the possibility of combating blindness and eye disease


Stem cell transplantation in eyes could well realize future clinical trials

Experiments on blind mice injected with in numerous stem cells into the eyes observed an attachment of these cells along with existing eye cells and commencing functionality. Though the effective rate of hook ups proved very low with just a small number of stem cells attaching with the eyes, still the experiment proves the reality of stem cells providing a source of photoreceptors. According to team leader Professor Robin Ali, this could well be a base for future clinical human trials.

Most professors acclaimed the experiment a huge leap in potential stem cell therapy of the eye where rejection of transplantation was low due to the weak immune system of the eye. A hundred thousand stem cells transplanted into the eye could possibly cure for failing eye vision and even blindness where light sensor cells in the eye required a single cell for transmitting an impulse to the brain.

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