A Prime Vacation Spot at Costa Rica’s Tamarindo

Leatherback turtles return to land once in a lifetime. After migrating hundreds of miles, they find themselves in the clear blue waters of Tamarindo to nest. Tamarindo is located along Costa Rica’s North Pacific coast. It is an accessible beach with pristine weather. Every so often, beachgoers look out for turtle eggs and hatchlings above the high tide line.

The Best Conditions

Just a little farther up, gorgeous beach houses line the sunlit sands. Tamarindo Costa Rica house rentals attract tourists from far and wide. It offers a little something for everyone. With its south swell, east wind, and overhead waves, it provides some of the best conditions for surfing and other water sports. Those who know how to handle a board, as well as experts in surfing, enjoy the consistent Pacific waves that hit the coastlines of this area. Other adventurous getaways include sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, and windsurfing.

The Tico Vibe

Those in search of respite particularly enjoy Costa Rica’s local laid-back Tico vibe. “Tico” is a colloquial term for a Costa Rican native and is used to denote feelings similar to affection. Short for “little brother,” it is a friendly and respectful way the people of Costa Rica refer to themselves.

The Local Flavor

The well-developed town does not lack amenities. Dining and shopping options are superb. Travelers sample a taste of the local flavor by indulging in outdoor markets, pottery stores, traditional bakeries, art galleries, and nearby spas. In spite of the diverse crowd, Tamarindo remains a prime vacation spot. At the end of a long day, vacationers, golfers, surfers, honeymooners, and other travelers head off to the rafters to spend their night at several of the splendid Tamarindo vacation rental along the shoreline.

No wonder the rare Leatherback Sea turtle chooses to visit Costa Rica at least once in their short life span. Arriving at the shores of this tropical paradise, they dig a hole in the sand and nest around 80 eggs before returning to the sea to face the many dangers posed by its natural predators.

If you are planning a visit to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, try searching for travel agencies online to book your travel and accommodations. There are plenty of Tamarindo vacation rentals, B&Bs, beach houses, and luxury hotels available.

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