Helping Cancer Patients: Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 To Fund Music Therapy

music-noteGrammy Award winner Taylor Swift is bringing “high-tech music therapy” to patients fighting cancer at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Music therapy initiative

The 24-year-old donated $50,000 to the hospital, which will be used to create specialized programming that promises to soothe and lift the spirits of teens with cancer.

The first initiative will be to start a music program for teens, so they may be able to create and produce their own music while undergoing cancer treatment.

The most charitable celebrity

“Taylor Swift’s gift will help lift the spirits of many patients during a difficult time,” Steven Altschuler, the chief executive of the hospital, said in a statement.

The donation was initiallymade last year, but the allocation of the funds has just been announced.

“We can think of no better way to use her gift than to grow our Adolescent and Young Adult initiative designed to support the emotional well-being of our teens with cancer,” Lamia Barakat added, who is the director of the Psychosocial Services Program at the cancer center.

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