The Beauty of a Bicycle

Blind to the common eye is the power and simplicity of a bicycle. Bicycles offer no long lines, no traffic jams, no massive bills, and no problems with parking spaces. Biking trips are good for not just one’s physical and mental state but also for your environment. Making one simple change in your commute can change you for the better.

The Negative Effect of Cars

Driving a private car is probably a typical citizen’s most polluting daily activity. From the carbon dioxide emission to the contribution of smog and acid rain to ozone depletion, cars have a negative cloud over their shiny exteriors. In recent news, the price of gas is at an ultimate high, and the average car needs to fill up fourteen to sixteen gallons to have a full tank. This means, on average it is about one sixth of the cost to buy a bike.Moreover, one hundred bikes can be produced for the same energy and resources it takes to build a medium sized vehicle.

The Statistics Prove It

In Japan, fifteen percent of the population commute by bicycle compared to a measly one percent in the US. In China, bicycles outnumber cars, two hundred fifty to one. In Amsterdam, the number of bikes outnumbers the number of people. Oregon bicycle tours in the United States are also popular for leaving the riders energized and refreshed from their daily routines.

You can’t just drill your way out of the world’s environmental problems. You need clean, renewable energy. Not only do you need clean energy but also change. You need to change your daily norms in a way that they become better, if not beneficial for the environment. You hold a link in the chain to improving the environment even if it means simply hopping on a bike rather than in a car.

Step to the global example and be leaders as well. You can help to change the environment by making the simple change of commuting, or even bicycle vacations. Fill your lungs with fresh air, get your heart rate up, let the breeze be your natural hair dryer, and get up to ride your bike.

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