Costa Rica: Central America’s Romantic Hideaway

Whether you’re celebrating your anniversary or your first night together with your significant other, your vacation will be memorable if you spend it in Costa Rica. With calm pristine waters, beautiful tropical rainforests, and abundant wildlife, this beautiful country is a favorite among many couples. One of the most visited nations in Central America, this is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway.


Hold your partner’s hand as you admire the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites formations at The Venado Caverns. Believed to be between million years old, this 2,700-meter stretch of lime stones was formed by underground steams that run through the caves. Expect to see bats, monochrome frogs, fish, and marine fossils in the cave as these animals are endemic to the area.

Host Springs

Relax and unwind as you plunge through the hot waters of Costa Rica’s famous hot springs. With waters heated from volcanic rocks underground, the hot springs offer mineral infused waters that vary from 80 to 105 degrees. The waters are also said to be a cure for different ailments, such as arthritis and skin disease. Some vacation rentals in Costa Rica offer man-made hot springs for your enjoyment and relaxation.


Walk along together on the long stretch of beaches in Costa Rica. With hundreds of beautiful seashores and Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, you will surely find one near your lodge. Don’t miss the opportunity to sit on the sand together as you watch how the sun carefully hides on the ocean.


Add adventure to your romantic vacation and explore the great outdoors of Costa Rica. Whether during the day or night, traveling through the country’s beautiful rainforest is a good opportunity to discover the many wonders of nature. While staying in one of Costa Rica vacation rentals, you can visit nearby rainforests and admire the crashing waterfalls. You will also have an opportunity to see some of the forest’s wildlife and be closer to the country’s tamed animals.

Book a stay in Costa Rica house rentals and make it a part of your love story.

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