US To Prepare For Impacts Of Climate Change, Says White House Report

the white houseThe United States needs to prepare for the impacts of the worsening climate change, according to a White House report.

As part of the second-term effort by President Barack Obama, actions need to be implemented to survive the impacts of the rising sea levels and increasingly erratic weather. The Obama administration, in addition, urged the public to be aware of the need for the government and communities to actively respond to climate change in the face of political adversities.

According to an update by the National Climate Assessment, there are pieces of evidence that climate change “continues to strengthen” and “Americans are noticing changes all around them.”

The President acknowledged the phenomenon and told NBC in an interview that it is “not some distant problem of the future.” Head of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy John Holdren also said climate change “already is affecting every region of the country and key sectors of the economy.”

Recent polls indicated most Americans believe human activities cause these changes. The poll, however, also showed they regarded the issue as less important than the economy and other national concerns.

Sabrina Keith
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