New Gmail Feature Lets Users Send Cash

moneyGoogle announced a new feature that combines Google Wallet with Gmail. Users can now send cash through the popular e-mail service for faster, secure online transactions.

During the Google I/O Keynote held in San Francisco, the company revealed their most recent innovations, including sending real money via e-mail. Its aim is not to replace cash, but to give users the option of securely sending money from their bank account to a peer or to pay for goods.

Google Wallet needed

Through this new feature, Gmail users can send cash via e-mail straight from their bank account for free. However, both the sender and recipient should also have a Google Wallet account. In addition, Google charges an additional fee if the Google Wallet account is linked to a credit or debit card.

Sending money in Gmail has a similar process to attaching photos and documents to an e-mail. A user clicks on the dollar attachment icon, specifies the amount, and hits send.

Invite Only – for now

The feature is currently invite-only, in the same manner that Google initially released Gmail to the public. In an effort to get a buzz, the company sent $10 to its I/O Keynote attendees. Sending money to the Gmail users subsequently unlocked the feature for its recipients. US Gmail users can expect the feature in their accounts over the next few months.

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