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Nabers AssessorAfter many years in development, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage released the NABERS for Data Centres validation protocol and rating tool. This is the world’s first measurement tool to provide a data centre with ratings of 1-6 stars.

The NABERS tool currently measures energy, water, waste and indoor environmental air quality for office buildings. In addition, NABERS tools also rate energy and water for hotels and shopping Centres.

Green Pass has an accredited assessor for all aspects of the NABERS program. With the data centre training module and examination process currently underway. Green Pass is actively involved to ensure it can offer its clients Data Centre NABERS ratings.

The NABERS for Data Centres will offer 3 different tools

  1. IT Equipment rating
  2. Infrastructure rating, and
  3. Whole facility rating

IT equipment rating benchmarks the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the energy consumed by the IT equipment within a data centre.

Items measured and rated for an IT equipment rating include the following:

  • Processing capacity
  • Storage capacity, and
  • Energy

Infrastructure rating benchmarks the greenhouse gas emission associated with the energy consumed in supplying infrastructure services to IT equipment within a data centre.

Items captured for an infrastructure rating is;

  • Energy associated the infrastructure calculated against the energy consumed by the IT Equipment.

Whole facility ratings benchmark the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the energy used by the IT equipment and infrastructure services within a data centre.

Data centre operators are not required to rate their data centres at this point in time, similar to office requirements to obtain a BEEC. However, organisations with a sustainability strategy, that have a requirement to report upon energy and emissions, would find this tool useful to measure and benchmark a major energy consuming process within their organisation, which has previously been overlooked within all other rating tools.

Having a NABERS rating for data centre would represent best practice and an industry-leading organisation. Green Pass can assist data centre owners and operators in establishing a system for effective data collection, to enable a NABERS for data centre rating.

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