Blood Test Could Detect Cancer Immediately

blood test tubeAccording to a new study, detecting forms of cancer may be as easy as a simple blood test. The test, which was developed by the Stanford University School of Medicine, could be used to test the amount of cancer in a patient’s body.

The New Test

The new test, called CAPP-Seq (Cancer Personalized Profiling by deep Sequencing), is a modification of previous approaches to measure level of tumor DNA in the patient’s blood stream. The new method was able to identify about 50 percent of people in the study with stage-lung cancer as well as patients with more advanced cancers.

Better Diagnosis

According to researchers, the blood test would go far toward finding one mutation in 1,000 or 10,000 that come from cancer cells.

“The vast majority of circulating DNA is from normal, non-cancerous cells, even in patients with advanced cancer. We needed a comprehensive strategy for isolating the circulating DNA from blood and detecting the rare, cancer-associated mutations,” said Scott Bratman, a lead author in the study.

Ivan Grieve
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