Build Relations Before You Sell

E-CommerceSocial media is not just about interacting with your customers. You can also use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to sell your goods and services. This makes the creation of a social media page hit two birds with one stone. You do not just cultivate relationships with customers. You also provide a convenient system to order your products. These two functions make social media a reasonable e-commerce investment you can bank on.

Selling should not come before building relationships with your customers, however. Wait at least 6 months to 1 year before you introduce an e-commerce platform on your social media pages. This time period also depends on how close you are to your customers. Are you like buddies who exchange long comments on a status update on your business page? Or acquaintances who meet on the street who awkwardly greet each other? If your interaction is like the second example, then your customer is not ready to see an e-commerce button on your page. They will not often go there, as there is little engagement between you.

You really need to work on Social Media Interaction 101 before you do that. Customers who like, comment, and share (or retweet) your posts are more likely to buy from you. Make them the majority of your followers to like you first. This makes them feel that, “I know you well. You’re professional and communicative. I like that, so I’m going to buy your products on these albums…”

Customers who love you will buy from you. Keep that in mind before you unveil your plan to introduce an e-commerce platform on social media.

Bogdan Warrick
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